Post 16 Flow Chart for future planning

Mrs Derries is the Grove School contact for careers and can support families to find out information that may be useful for future planning. She can be contacted by email to the school office, or by telephone 01289 306390

Post 16 provision at The Grove School

The Grove School supports pupils at Post 16, if this is agreed by the Post 16 Panel, this is not the school’s decision. We have a flow chart that explains and high lights the options for pupils at this stage in their school careers, this is available on our website.

If the pupil remains at The Grove School Post 16, there is information about our curriculum which is individualised in the curriculum section of our website. The ethos of our provision is that we are preparing our pupils for Adulthood and their next steps.

This can take the following different pathways: -

Academic qualifications

ASDAN accredited courses

Functional skills qualifications at a level appropriate to needs

Individualised support with entry requirements for college courses

Personal development pathways

MAPP targets for development of life skills

Independent travel training

Planning for future steps

Completion of any programmes that have already been started that may include ASDAN

The provision that is offered may be in different classes in school, the pupils are placed in the class that is most appropriate to their needs and not by chronological age. We ensure that our Post 16 pupils are aware of the fact that they are getting ready to leave school and work in partnership with parents, carers, SEND department, colleges and social workers to plan for their next steps.