Our Ethos, Values and Aims

Our Ethos

We are a happy, safe and supportive school where everyone is equally valued and nurtured to thrive.




  • value learning with, from and on behalf of each other
  • value flexible, creative and open thinking and approaches that are solution focused
  • value and respect everyone equally whilst acknowledging individuality and diversity
  • value, listen to and respect each other’s opinions
  • value and care about the environment and are actively involved in our community
  • support, nurture and care for each other
  • are kind, thoughtful and considerate to each other


Our Aims for Everyone in Our School Community

  • To provide the highest standards of teaching and learning through setting challenging educational experiences that recognise everyone’s potential, develops from their needs and builds on their success.
  • For teaching and learning to be fun, enjoyable, motivating and meaningful.
  • To encourage and develop independence for each child/learner and for all involved in school to have a ‘voice’ that is valued.
  • To create and maintain an environment and approach to learning where there is equality of access and opportunity for all and where inclusion within our local community and beyond is prioritised, especially with our Partnership of Schools and Business and Community Partners.
  • To build a strong partnership with parents.
  • For our working surroundings to provide a happy and safe environment and for healthy lifestyles to be encouraged and supported.
  • To treat everyone with respect and dignity and to encourage a respect for the school environment and for the wider community. To provide a welcoming and supportive environment for everyone.

 Reviewed June 19

 OFSTED 2015:

Senior leaders work skilfully together and have a very clear overview of the strengths and weaknesses of the school. The consistent and rigorous analysis of data enables them to ensure that the quality of teaching and students’ achievement continue to improve.


Experienced and well-trained staff provide exceptionally high levels of care and ensure that progress is outstanding. Continuing professional development is well linked to the performance management of the staff and students’ progress.


Students’ behaviour and their attitudes are excellent. Extremely effective arrangements are in place to ensure that all students are very safe. The safeguarding work with the special care class is exemplary.


Students consistently make sustained and outstanding progress.