Curriculum 3 Year Planning

Summer 2022     Geography Geographical skills and field work

Theme name – Great landmarks of Britain

Use aerial photographs and plan perspectives to recognise landmarks and basic human and physical features


The new 3 year curriculum programme is shown below.


Term date

Theme title

Autumn 2022

Water (self-care and support and safety)

Spring 2023

All about me (self-care, self-awareness, Managing feelings, identity)

Summer 2023

The world I live in (diversity and equality, human rights)

Autumn 2023

Changing and growing (relationships)

Spring 2024

Living things and their environment

Summer 2024

Healthy lifestyles

Autumn 2024

Autumn harvest (balanced life style)

Spring 2025

The Vikings and Anglo Saxon’s

Summer 2025

Our Local environment (economic wellbeing, safety and risk management)

The Theme for Spring Term of 2021 was Changes across the four seasons.
The Theme for Summer term 2021 was - The countries that make up the United Kingdom.
The Theme for the Autumn Term 2021 is The Great Fire of London 
Mrs Derries set a Maths/Science  challenge to all classes to grow and measure Sunflowers. The competition has begun.